Ecological Issues

Some key findings on Soil quality, Irrigation and ground water problems – HY seeds based farming NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) found that the groundwater beneath Northern India has been receding by as much as one foot per year over the past decade. Soil quality and farm health – ‘Nearly 2/3rds of our farmlands are in some way either degraded or sick and only about 1/3rds are in good health’ (Planning Commission’s ‘Agriculture Strategy for 11th Plan: Some critical issues’)

Strategic implementation of post-war chemical agriculture has, in the last century, systematically destroyed the diversity that would be our greatest strength in combating the climate crisis created, to a large extent, by this very system of production and consumption of chemical food. In this period we have lost 93% of the varieties of food crops. Loss of this diversity in our diets has led to nutritional deficiencies. Having created these deficiencies by eroding diversity, chemical and biotechnology corporations are now the disease of monocultures as a cure for malnutrition through bio-fortication.