The toxic chemicals that destroy biodiversity also destroy our health. Over 7000 people die every year due to pesticide related poisoning. Pesticide residues food in are causing cancer and male fertility has dropped by 45 %. More and more studies are linking chemicals in food with increased allergies and diseases of respiratory, digestive, immune and nervous systems. We have recently witnessed an unexpected increase in number of diseases like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, skin allergy, digestion and metabolism related problems, etc. Recent researches and media reports suggest that we are facing these problems due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers, weedicides and pesticides during farming. Environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva has written extensively about the social, political and economic impacts of the Green Revolution in Punjab. According to Dr. Shiva, the Green Revolution's reliance on heavy use of chemical inputs and monocultures has resulted in water scarcity, vulnerability to pests, and incidents of violent conflict and social marginalization. It has resulted in adverse health effects for both consumers and farmers as well. For example – endosulfhan & it’s effects on nervous system’, chlordimeform (cancer, bladder damage), DBCP (cancer risk, male infertility), chloropyrifos (headache, digestive problems), etc.

Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers welfare through Gadget of India (draft order- CG-DL-E-18052020-219423) has ordered complete ban on 27 pesticides in India. It acknowledges the harmful effects of these pesticides on health and ecology. The document says that these pesticides are highly toxic, some of them causes change at cellular level and in blood parameters and a large number of them are carcinogenic