-Siddharth Gupta

On a daily basis, we are constantly exposed to harmful microbes of all sorts. It is a person’s immunity that keeps him healthy and protected. In the present scenario when more and more people are getting caught by the corona pandemic, it has become very essential for each and every person to focus on his/her immunity. Immunity by definition refers to the ability of an organism to resist any infection or toxin posed to the body by the action of antibodies. It is very essential as when any outer or inner threats come, a person must fight it back. But on what factors does a person’s immunity depends? A person’s immunity depends upon his/her nutrition, age, hygiene, sleep, vaccination and natural exposure. The most important of these is a person’s nutrition as our immune system is based upon these nutrients. Nutrition comes from the food that we intake. If we choose the wrong food, it can have drastic effects on our immune system. Adequate and appropriate nutrition is required for immune cells to function optimally. Various nutrients perform numerous functions to keep our immune system healthy. For example,

Hence all these nutrients are a must for a healthy and balanced immune system. At Prakriti Organics, we have a lot of choices of food products that can supply you with these essential nutrients. To name some,

So, choose immunity by choosing natural, pure & organic products that will cater to the nutritional requirements of your body and will keep your immune system fit and healthy.