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Vishnu Bhog (Rice)

Vishnu Bhog Rice is a premium aromatic, medium grain; non-basmati rice. The variety grown in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh had received the Geo Tag (Place of Origin).VishnuBhog Rice is high in taste and offers amazing health benefits. It contains higher concentrations of the essential elements - selenium and zinc. This aromatic rice provides fast and instant energy to the body, plus it has no sugar and no cholesterol. It’s good for the heart as well. This rice has also got good amount of fibre content. Therefore, this rice is recommended by experts for people dealing with Diabetes, Obesity and Constipation.

Cooking Instructions:
Vishnu Bhog Rice is cooked like any other rice. It can be used to make simple plain rice to a humble khichdi, biryani, pulav, kheer etc.


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