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Chickpeas are a type of legume that offer a range of health benefits. Legumes are a member of the pea family and technically a seed pod. Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans or chola,are one of the oldest consumed crops in the world. In fact, they have been a part of certain traditional diets for over 7,500 years.
Today, chickpeas remain one of the most popular legumes across nearly every continent. It's difficult to find a replacement for chana masala and chhole in north Indian homes. Chick pea has been providing necessary taste, nutrients and dietary fibre since a very long time. But, due to chemical-based farming it has lost its taste and has also started affecting our health adversely.
Naturally grown chick pea provides plenty of nourishment to bones, eyes and digestive system. They help increase satiety, boost digestion, keep blood sugar levels stable, increase protection against metabolic syndrome and heart disease, and more.
Chickpeas nutrition is a potent package of protein, vitamins and minerals, which is why they are often included in many healing diets, including the Ayurvedic diet and the Mediterranean diet. It is very helpful for pregnant women as it contains iron, calcium and folic acid. It helps to prevent anaemia.
We have procured chick pea from rural parts of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra which is widely known for its legumes. This supply of chick pea takes less time to cook and comes with lots of health benefits.


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