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In order to engage with more farmers, Prakriti Organics organized informal interactions, small meetings and trainings. These training are provided for – sensitizing people towards organic farming, developing knowledge, building expertise and skills in farming. The trainers have used discussions, demonstrations, travel programs, small group discussions, videos and hands on experiential training in their methods. After the training all the farmers remain connected through whatsapp and calls for follow up questions.


Topics covered in training

  1. Farm as an ecosystem
  2. Balance in nature
  3. Interrelationship between various species
  4. Role of micronutrients and microbes
  5. Planning farming activities & farm design
  6. Mixed cropping -how different crops play complementary role with examples.
  7. Seed conservation – self dependence on seeds and nature & role of evolution
  8. Compost making – various types of composts (green, cow dung based, jeevamrit)
  9. Herbal pesticides making for various problems, sharing formulae

These trainings have helped farmers to access knowledge and build skills for organic farming. It has also helped them find local resource persons and expertise.